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It’s like I can’t get out of bed before tech-priests online yell “You should fix your blog NOW! 🌩️⚡👨🏾‍💻⚡🌩️” in my ear. Guess it’s that time of year again for a make-over. Either that or another manic episode. Should probably check on that.

No need for introductions. There’s one somewhere around here.

Everything else from 2020s or that one time I discovered common knowledge is still out there so no need to fret about “losing” anything. Not like that rambling was of any value…

Site Goals

“It Looks Broken”

Then update your browser to a version from 2024. All the cool kids are mixing paints and nesting their styles now! I’m declaring independence from Sass and will be living in the future!

What are you doing, rocx? You're not The Thinker! You're not paid to think! Or paid at all! Get off your lazy ass and get a job!