4K is totally OK

I ranted about 4K monitors a while back. I still stand by the fact it’s the equivalent to four 1920x1080 (FHD) aligned in a square. That doesn’t make it incorrect though. Problem was that my laptop couldn’t even support 4K at a reasonable framerate. As a matter of fact, ever since I got my Framework laptop combined with a Nextstand K2 stand, it’s been completely peachy.

Still using my HP Z27 monitor for the record. It’s even bigger than my old TV was. How I ever played games on my Nintendo Switch with that 26-inch TV is a question for time itself. Point is that it’s finally had a use. Getting a dock helped matters.

Half the reason I even used light themes is becasue it didn’t have such janky anti-aliasing issues. I didn’t have to deal with blurry text with 1900x900 like I used to. But now? On 3840x2160? Oh my ~🖤