Microlite 20: Magic Points Supplement


First up, there’s a PDF version available on my site and the LaTeX source code as a gist on GitHub. Long story short, this is a barely-tested way to use a resource other than fire-and-forget spells or life essence to cast magic in Microlite 20. This should be compatible with any ML20-based game and updated as I play some more with this module.

Inspired in part by computer RPGs, the use of magic points is another flavor of magic for campaigns and settings that are not too fond of expending hit points to cast magic.

In a Nutshell

Magic & Wonderous Items

Mana Sump
(2,500 gp) A red metallic box with small pipes and grooves on it surface and a large button on the top. The user can absorb magic points from or give to any magical target:
  • Magic-using NPCs, transferring 1d4 mp between the target's and user's pools.
  • Magical items with charges, transferring the item's spell's cost in magic points. The game master can arbitrate magic points transferred if the item's effect is unique instead of a spell. This method can be used to recharge items that can be over time.
Sorcerer's Cap
(2,000 gp) Headgear that increases the wearer's maximum magic points by 25 points while worn. Does not naturally recover magic points.
Mana Potion
(50 gp) A fizzy blue potion that recovers 1d4 magic points + 1 point per user's level. Has no effect on characters that cannot cast magic.
Bulbous Wand
(1,500 gp) A thick oak wand with a gemmed bulb at the bottom. Contains a pool of 3 + 2d6 magic points. Recovers half the total (rounded up) mp per day.

Casting Order

If a magic-user has items with their own stash of magic points, the points are taken in the following order:

For example, if a spell uses up an enchanted crown’s magic points and still doesn’t cover the cost, the remainder points are taken from a wand.

If wearing multiple jewelry, armor, and wearable items, the casting character can decide where these points come from.

Optional Rules

High Fantasy I

For settings where magic-users are more ubiquitous or for them to not sputter out of spells after ten minutes, the formula for a character’s starting magic points uses their MIND stat instead of their bonus. Each subsequent level still adds the normal 1d4 + MIND bonus to this total.

High Fantasy II

Reduce the cost of spells to their level. First-level spells cost 1mp to cast, second-level spells cost 2mp, and so on. Whether zeroth-level spells become free to cast or cost 1mp remains up to the game master.

Blood Magic

When a character’s pool of magic points are depleted, they can resort to using their hit points as a source.

High Blood Magic

Each hit point paid to cast a spell is worth two magic points. Using a hit point to cast a spell that costs one mp, for example, results in a wasted magic point.


The Open Gaming License omitted from this Web page for brevity, but it still applies considering it’s derived from other OGL-licensed works. See the PDF/source code for the full license and copyright notices.