Offload #5: Ye Olde Backuppe

I went rummaging through my old desk at my parents’ place the other day and found a couple of old 2½-inch hard disks from some unholy years ago, possibly from my late-teens or early-20s. Considering I recently snagged a cyber toaster to extract data off of my other disks, this would totally be a ripe opportunity to cringe at my naïvete because who wasn’t a socially awkward moron in their teens?

…Wait, you really peaked in senior year? Wow.

Disk #1

Has a PATA plug on the back, so exploring this thing is out of the question. It also only has 40GB (if the label is to be trusted). Seeing the port and size, I can bet this disk is old. Technology’s progressed fast enough over the last couple of decades that I could drive on down to Micro Center and snag an external flash drive with better speeds and capacity for $6.

Ah, youth. A time when I thought my 512M flash drive was pretty big in high school; not including the several flash drives I went through because some ding-dong got close enough to bend and break it in the port on multiple occasions. 💢

Disk #2

400GB, SATA plug; it goes in the toaster.

Old college projects from 2013 and 2014 mostly because that laptop couldn’t run Ubuntu without a load of integrated-graphics-related problems. One of the midterm projects for a Web development class actually required us to use Dreamweaver to build it. Funny, considering even in 2019, a lot of those classes also explicitly say “do not use Dreamweaver or you lose points”.

Not as much history as I thought I would have found on this disk. I think I tried to use Ubuntu GNOME (seeing an ISO CD image file for version 13.04), it didn’t work out, so then I refreshed the stock Windows partition. Yes, I had to keep Windows 7 on those disks because I didn’t go to some fancy schmancy college or university. We had to take “digital media” classes and those all involved proprietary Adobe software, especially Photoshop. Not like I could’ve used a form of GNU/Linux on that laptop even if I wanted to anyway…

Young rocx

I think I remember what kind of moron I was back in these days. I originally wanted to be a game developer when I was in high school. Despite that, I never managed to make a game or even program anything until college. For practicality reasons, I switched my major from game dev to regular software development.

I think I bought into the whole ~tHe~WeB~iS~tHe~FuTuRe~ craze that was promised back then to the point I even tinkered with FirefoxOS. …There was some Game & Watch styled zombie-shooting game I was trying to do for FFOS. I should get back into that but for the regular Web instead.

If I could go back in time and punch my younger self right in the gob, I would.

Day 5 of 100 of the 100 Days to Offload.