On Lines and Identities

BLAM! went the collection of pixels that spelled “rocx” after being struck by a cybernetic missile launched straight out of an electronic parcel confirming whether I wanted to delete my account on some service.

Every now and then, I get the urge to just drop off the face of the planet completely. No farewells, no tying up loose ends; here one minute, you blinked, then he’s gone. I have given in to that temptation only once: an Internet alias I used from elementary school all the way through second year of college that accumulated the baggage of moronic things that only a literal kid could come up with. I wouldn’t even say I matured from being the most vocal member of our third grade class’s RuneScape group back in 2001. This name was so old it even came before that fateful September.

Imagine. New name. New face. No one knows who the hell you are. The context is that just now I took myself out of certain microblogging plazas. Personally, the people there are a bit out of touch with reality and fail to realize the world is complicated rather than the sum of an evil plan only a British spy could foil with plot-armor and foreshadowed gadgetry. I caught myself getting in an argument, yet again, with these people. This time it’s different. I fear that such opinions I was against are gaining traction.

Only thing left to do is to get off of Mr. Bones’s Wild Ride.

Now I question why I still go by rocx even after all the enemies I’ve made and questionable things I may have said. The fork in the crossroads leads two ways: I either own up to it and accept that it was a part of my history even if I change my mind or I bail now and pray that no one utters the O’Rocks’s family name ever again in a decade should I do something public.

Social media as a whole has become a plague on society. Regardless of motive, whether it’s free/libre software, whether it federates, regardless of purpose. We already open ourselves too much. It may make friendships more intimate but it also opens our weak spot.

Your’s truly even fell victim to its ruse. I don’t even know if this will be my last writ either for this confession. Enjoy your pseudonymity while you can. It may be what saves your reputation.

Day 6 of 100 of the 100 Days to Offload.